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    Company History

    Shipyard History

    November 8, 1975, Longshan Shipyard established.

    June 25, 2002, Longshan Shipyard successfully executed the joint stock reform and named Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard Co., Ltd.

    November 15, 2006, Longshan Shipyard was among to the top ten enterprise in Putuo District.

    At the year of 2007, the annual output value of Longshan shipyard was more than 500 million and became the highest one since established.

    May, 2014, the CPC Committee of Zhoushan Longshan Shipyard Co., Ltd was Established.

    Dock History

    At the begin of 1978, the first 2500 tons drydock Completed.

    July 4, 1990, 5000 tons drydock was been accepted.

    December, 1995, 60,000 tons drydock project was listed as a national development project and provincial Spark Program and started constructing in this month.

    May 2, 1998, 60,000 tons drydock was successfully been put into use.

    January 22, 1999,30,000 tons berth began to built and completed at the same year in December.

    November 27, 2007, 200,000 DWT drydock of Longshan Shipyard was under construction.

    May 15, 2009, the cofferdam of 200,000-ton daydock was successfully been blast and been put into use.

    Ship Repair History

    February 17, 1978, Longshan Shipyard was been put into use and repaired the vessel MV HUYU 541/542 which belong to Shanghai Fisheries Company and it was also been the first order of Longshan Shipyard since established.

    October 1993, the first foreign ship (Loa-41m, Breadth-16m, Tonnage-1500) which designed and built by Longshan shipyard was delivered.

    August 18, 1994, “Liuheng No.2” which built by Longshan Shipyard was been put into use.

    December 5, 1998, 8000 ton cargo ship “Dongfang No.1” went into dry-dock which was the first cargo ship went into dry-dock since the 70,000tons dry-dock completed.

    May 1, 1999, 25,000DWT bulk carrier ship “Golden Source” of Fujian Steamship Company went into dry-dock for repair. June 10th at the same year, 41,000tons bulk carrier “Zhan Sheng" from Guangzhou also went into dry-dock for repair.

    January 2000, one container ship named “Lufthansa” from German went into 70000tons dry-dock for repair. At the same year in December, 67,000tons bulk carrier “GUANG ZHONG" went into dry-dock for repair.

    February 2002, the conversion project from CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd (Ship’s name: XIN HAI XIANG) completed, this was the first record in China to convert from a Bulk Carrier to Dredge Ship.

    November 8, 2002, bulk carrier ship "Ming Mei" from Hong Kong finished repairing (LOA: 225(m), Breadth: 36(m), DWT: 75,000tons)--the fourth picture. October 15, 2004, one multifunction dredge ship named Xin Hai Shi which designed by Longshan Shipyard completed conversion. Xin Hai Shi is the biggest dredge ship in China at that time.

    Other things in mind

    July 20, 1996, Totally 20 people went to Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyard for training.

    August 25, 1999, Longshan Shipyard became one of the foreign ship repairing area which approved by provincial government.

    April, 2011, joined in the first islands district overseas promotion meeting.

    July 2015, established students' Innovation Practice Base of Zhejiang University of Technology.

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